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Clinical Pharmacist 2020 workshops JPEG.
We provide CPD approved Clinical Pharmacist Training

Important announcement: Due to Covid-19 we have now stopped in person workshops and switched to online workshops, visit for more information.

This much anticipated one day workshop is now being rolled out nationally 

This workshop with its online training component helps you secure a job in a GP surgery. 

It also helps pharmacists who already work in a GP surgery but would like

to improve their practice and accelerate their career growth.

The tickets were sold out in our last workshop in London.

Simply select your preferred location and register your interest to receive more information including the date and time when tickets go on sale. 


— Name, Title

— Alex, Pharmacist

I enjoyed myself thoroughly during the workshop and I hope there will be many more to come for me to participate in.


— Patrizia T, Pharmacist

“I would recommend the course to all my colleagues and any community pharmacist who would like to move to the GP surgery sector”

ONE day workshop registration form

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