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Our Top 3 courses that really made a difference for pharmacists:

Clinical Pharmacist Accelerator Programme

Accelerator Programme

This course provides you with the core skills that will enable you to work in Primary Care.

This is by far our most popular programme. It has been used by over 300 Pharmacists who found it to be beneficial to their practice work.

97% of Pharmacists who completed this training said they would recommend it to others.

View this course here.

Clinical Medication Review Programme

CMR Programme

Our CMR programme enables you to run Clinical Medication Reviews in 15 Chronic conditions.

  • Diabetes

  • HRT

  • Heart Failure

  • Depression

  • Osteoporosis

  • and more ...

View this course here.

The A to Z of running Asthma Review Clinics

The A to Z of running Asthma Review Clinics

This comprehensive course enables you to run Asthma Review Clinics in Primary Care.

It provides detailed training that enables you to review, down-titrate and up-titrate treatment.

View this course here.


For more information, or to view the rest of our comprehensive training programmes, please click here:

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